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Our Story

Leeward is the only all sailing, all Made in USA outfitter

Founded by an active sailing family in Virginia in 2016, our passion is designing performance clothing, outerwear, and accessories to meet the demands of active sailors. Since we love sailing and our country, we're committed to building a brand to celebrate both.

american made sailing apparel made in usa yachting\

Because Made in the USA is worth it

Superior Quality and Great Value - Leeward sailing apparel isn't just designed in the USA or assembled in the USA.  From start to finish, every Leeward product is authentically Made in USA using American Made fabric and trims.  Compare our quality, design, performance, warranty, and value to any foreign made product.

American Families - our country was founded on dreams of "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Every purchase from Leeward Apparel helps keep American families working and stimulates the US Economy.  Each product proudly reads "Made in USA" on the label.  No other sailing outfitter brand can make this claim.

Ethics - other brands source fabrics and make garments in foreign factories (China, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.) compromising quality and labor ethics to increase profit.  All Leeward products are sourced and crafted with pride, from start to finish, in American factories.  You can buy Leeward Apparel with confidence and a clear conscience.

What Makes Leeward Unique

  • Leeward is the only all sailing, all Made in USA outfitter
  • Our company is family owned and operated
  • We design, source, manufacture, test, and package all of our products in the USA
  • Leeward has an end-to-end supply chain for our products, starting with fabric and trims sourced directly from American mills.  We know exactly where every product is made!
  • Leeward backs every product with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee and no-hassle return policy.
  • Leeward gives back to the sailing community by supporting reputable charities that promote sportsmanship, character building, and recovery services to underprivileged youth and American Veterans.

Meet the Leeward Crew

ben ward leeward apparel    

Ben Ward - Founder & Sailor

   amber ward leeward co-founder

Amber Ward - Co-Founder & Sailor

What does Leeward mean?

Leeward - in the direction which the wind is blowing. The life of a sailor is about going with the flow and dealing with the weather life gives you. Sometimes fair, sometimes foul, but taking it as it comes.  Sailing in the direction the wind is blowing is also the most comfortable point of sail for boat and crew.

    Our Mission

    • Build an iconic American made sailing outfitter brand
    • Craft the finest quality Made in USA sailing apparel to meet the demands of the active sailors
    • Be a sailing outfitter for the whole family
    • Deliver unparalleled value and service to customers
    • Build our brand in an ethical and sustainable way

    Leeward is Committed to Earning Your Business

    We're ready to earn your business and your loyalty.  We'd like to hear your honest feedback about our products and your interests in future product offerings. We look forward to hearing your sailing stories and adventures with Leeward Apparel.

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